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Rachna Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has a full-fledged, ISO 9001 : 2008 certified, self adhesive label and tag manufacturing unit, comprising of high speed, rotary, flexographic presses, flat-bed presses and pre & post production handling machinery.

The Company manufactures labels & tags for use on Bar Code Printers, labels for Hand Labellers, labels for use on dot matrix / inkjet / laser printers, tags for garments and general purpose labels for pharma & product labelling.

Works at Gurgaon has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. Click Here


Labels & Tags for Bar Code Printers

Our range of products include:

  • Labels for item labelling; thermal transfer & direct thermal
  • Tags for apparel / garment labelling.
  • Labels for shipping cartons.
  • Synthetic labels for demanding industrial applications.
  • Removable labels for labelling gift items.
  • Jewellery labels.
  • Labels for tamper proof / tamper evident labelling.
  • Labels for freezer applications.
  • Labels for drum labelling.
  • Mirrokote (Cast Coated) labels for the glossy look. and many more…

Labels can be custom printed as per your specifications.


Labels for Hand Labellers

Hand Labellers / Pricing guns are commonly used in retail and in many industrial applications.
We offer a range of labels in 8 standard and 2 fluorescent colours, for Monarch Labellers and for all other major brands of labellers like Blitz / Open Data, Sato etc.
Labels can be custom printed as per your specifications.

Security Lables

You spent a fortune and a lot of your precious time, in building up your brand name and image. Do not let duplicates and counterfeits take away, not only your sales, but also the sheen off your brand and bring a bad name and ill will to your brand. With a little bit of extra cost, you can include security features in your labels, providing a definite deterrent to the counterfeither. Rachna Overseas offers you state – of – art security labelling solutions.

Tamper Evident Labels

Product Name Product Description Typical Application 
SILVER VOIDA 2M silver polyester
incorporating a pattern
release layer for tamper
evidence. This tamper evident
product features a reverse
void pattern.
Typical applications include labels
for identification marking,
instruction panels for
manufacturing equipment,
permanent warning signs
and emblems.
WHITE VOIDA 2M white polyester
incorporating a pattern
release layer for tamper
Typical applications include labels
for identification marking,
instruction panels for
manufacturing equipment,
permanent warning signs
and emblems.

POLYSTYRENECo-extruded film
FOAMTACA semi gloss, white,
co extruded film
consisting of an
expanded polystyrene
layer with a clear
polystyrene surface film.
Typical applications include
product identification labels
on various types of packaging
and containers. The moderate
internal strength of the face
allows the product to be used
as a tamper evident label.

VINYLUltra destructible vinyl
An ultra destructible
vinyl film, especially
designed and formulated
to obtain tamper
proof labels.
Typical applications include
labels for identification
marking, instruction panels
for manufacturing equipment,
permanent warning signs
and emblems.

Holographic Labels

If you are already using paper or polyester labels and would not like to switch over to the costlier tamper evident labels, you may opt for a holographic strip on paper / polyester labels, as show in the sample, below. A hologram has a unique 3 dimensional feature & cannot be copied, scanned or re-printed. It cannot be re-used as it is tamper proof. Additional security features like invisible ink printing can also be incorporated in these labels.

Product Lables


Prime or Product labels are the main identification on a product or pack. They carry the product’s brand or image identification that will attract attention on the retail shelves and appeal to prospective buyers.
Thus, choosing the correct label manufacturer & supplier is of utmost importance.

Label printing is no longer a craft industry. Continuously developing and evolving, it has become highly sophisticated collection of technologies, complex adhesive and ink formulations, sophisticated digital design and reproduction formats, printing by different processes in both sheet & web formats, complex die – cutting solutions and ever-more creative methods of label application.


Rachna Overseas, incorporated on 23rd June 1988 has over 20 years of experience in the field of labels & labelling and is meeting the prime label needs of various industry segments like paints & chemicals, pharmaceuticals, liquor manufacturers and all consumer product industries.
We have a state – of – art manufacturing facility at Gurgaon for the production of high quality product labels in sheet or roll form.

The following are some of the presses working at the Rachna Overseas facility:

  • Mark Andy 2200 (6 colour UV)
  • Mark Andy 830 (3 colour)
  • Orthotec (4+4 colour UV)

Contact us for all your product label requirements.

Wrist Bands

Thermal Printable Wristbands


Patient safety is a top priority in any hospital. Failure to identify patients correctly leads to patients being given incorrect treatment, surgical procedure or medication causing medical complications or even death with serious consequences.

Rachna Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Wristbands offer secure patient identication with information printed onto the wristband direct from the Hospital’s patient admission system. The use of Barcodes enhances safety by ensuring that each patient, drug, lab sample or blood unit is safely and properly identied throughout its journey in the hospital.

Rachna Overseas Pvt. Ltd., Wristbands have been designed keeping patient safety in mind and help in:

  • Reducing Insurance costs & patient bed days
  • Accurate tracking of patient blood & lab samples across the hospital
  • Reduces possibility of making errors by helping nurses & doctors accurately administer and track treatment
  • Easy scanning of wristbands reduces time spent by nursing staff in matching patients with prescribed medication and gives them enhanced condence


Special Features:

  • Made of soft, comfortable, durable and non-abrasive material
  • Provides maximum resistance to Light, Moisture, Solvents & Harsh Environments
  • Resistant to Water, Soap, Betadine, Iodine, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol & other solvents
  • Non-allergenic, Latex and Phthalate free
  • Antimicrobial coating to protect against tested non-pathogenic bacteria
  • Features a security, tamper evident design and can be quickly attached to the wrist

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