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Designer Express

The most affordable way to print labels from an Excel database
Low cost, Excel as a basic database.

  • Wizards make professional label design quick and easy
  • Connect to Excel data & design fewer labels
  • Quicker, less errors and less maintenance
  • Basic variable data capabilities

Designer Standard

The easiest way to connect labels with your existing database
Easier printing & print-to-file / printer export

  • Easily design professional labels
  • Connect to your existing OLE or ODBC DB
  • Easy printing for your “operators”
  • Concatenated variables – Expressions/linked fields

Designer Pro

The complete labeling package ranked #1
EasyForms, Logging, ActiveX & Print templates

  • Every compliance labeling feature you need
  • EasyForms for simple error-free printing
  • Professional database, SQL, custom variables
  • Passwords & print job logging
  • Touchscreen printing support


Rapidly build custom labeling applications without programming
Reduce custom development costs

  • Eliminate label misprints, duplicate serial num-bers and data entry errors.
  • Increase productivity of labeling processes.
  • Integrate with production hardware, software.
  • Build applications for touchscreens or deploy to the web.

Core Designer Features

 Designer Express
Designer Standard
Designer Pro
Graphical designer of text, barcodes, lines, boxes, shapes, and images

Use Excel as a database

Linked fields and expressions for concatenated variables

OLE/ODBC Database connectivity

Generic operator print module (NicePrint)

Customizable operator print module (EasyForms)

Advanced layout – Rich text, curved text, paragraphs, line styles, shape fills, grouping, relative positioning

Full serialization, custom check digits, global variables, output masks, scripting

Advanced database - SQL queries, joins, blob fields and create/read/update/write database records

Application Builder – Rapidly build custom labeling applications

Quality Control


Asset Tracking

Materials Handling


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